Clare and Denise

About your OverLay Founder's...
What do you get when you pair a New York fashion model with her marketing guru mom? A fashion company like no other…

OverLay Fashion by Clare and Denise is set to take the fashion world by storm, with it’s innovative ALL SHEER collection. The pieces work in conjunction with your current wardrobe by pairing them over most anything in your closet!  OverLay is a wardrobe transformation!

Denise, a Katonah native, with 30 years of marketing and advertising under her belt, has been instrumental in launching several fragrance lines with Paco Rabanne and Carolina Herrera.  Her love for fashion, and marketing expertise collided when Clare became a model. The wheels began to turn about a collaboration of starting their own fashion line together and so OverLay was born!


Clare, raised in Katonah/Lewisboro, a top athlete, and Fordham University graduate, was discovered by a family friend during her first year of college.  After pulling off a full time course schedule and modeling full time, she quickly rose to the top and found herself on the Times Square billboard after landing the American Eagle campaign. Working as a successful model in campaigns including Maybelline, Becca Cosmetics and walking for multiple designers such as Kanye West, fashion quickly became her passion. 

So the two put their redheads together and formed OverLay Fashion, with the goal of offering women a beautiful ALL SHEER collection to enhance their current wardrobe, made in America and all for under $50.00.